Bryant ERVXXSVA Ventilator.

Bring Fresh Air Into Your Home Without Opening the Windows

Enjoy the refreshing effect of opening a window or door while preserving indoor comfort and system efficiency. This ERV offers the ability to remove moisture from incoming air during hot, steamy months and can supply a refreshing infusion of outdoor air all year long. It’s the perfect addition to your modestly-sized home.

  • Air Flow: Up to 150 cubic feet per minute
  • Sensible Recovery Energy: Up to 65% SRE


  • Brings in fresh air and expels stale, sometimes unhealthy air
  • Pre-conditions incoming air to minimize energy loss
  • Reduces humidity in summer from incoming fresh air
  • Prefilters particulates from incoming air and outgoing air to protect core
  • Crossflow design keeps stale, outgoing air from mixing with fresh, incoming air
  • Capable of intermittent- or continuous operation depending on control used
  • Automatically defrosts when outdoor temperatures are below 23°F
  • Designed for quiet operation
  • 10-year parts limited warranty upon timely registration



  • Sensible Recovery Energy Up to 65% SRE


  • Maximum Airflow Up to 150 cubic feet per minute
  • Sound Quiet operation


  • Filter Change Easy access hinged door for filter cleaning and core cleaning


  • Core Moisture absorbing, crossflow, enthalpic core
  • Core Protection Incoming and outgoing air is prefiltered
  • Compatible Controls Evolution® or separate ventilator control


  • Placement Wall or ceiling mounted 
  • Venting Vertical
  • Electrical 115V


  • Cabinet Taupe color on metal matches Bryant furnace and fan coils
  • Dimensions 21.5″H x 21″W x 16.125″D