“I decided to go with Design Flow after only meeting with Brian one time. He came out very quickly to diagnose the problem. Rather than just look at a couple of things and then say everything was shot, he continued to troubleshoot for over an hour before coming to that conclusion. I got a couple different quotes from companies I had had work done before, but Design Flow was cheaper, by far. This isn’t always a good thing. Some people will say that you get what you pay for. I feel like I got so much more than what I paid for. At a minimum, you only have to look at the pictures to see the quality and care of the work they did. More than the quality, they were quick. The team was just here Friday, but they were in by 7 and out shortly after lunch. Very impressive. Now I have a brand new unit that is much more efficient than my previous unit so I shouldn’t need much HVAC work in the future, but if I do, I know that I’m not going to be shopping around. I only have one call to make.”

– Travis S.